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attendance policy


attendance policy


If you work for any of the following (an NYIC member agency, a nonprofit agency, a government agency, or a private attorney) and you wish to register to attend a CLE training on behalf of your employer, you must submit a letter on agency letterhead verifying that you are an employee of the agency and that you are authorized to attend the training(s). This letter must be signed by the agency’s office manager, director, or managing attorney.


Non-member agencies cannot participate in our CLE trainings unless the agency is (1) recognized by the BIA, (2) is providing services under the direct supervision of an immigration attorney, or (3) is seeking BIA accreditation. No exceptions will be made.

Non-member agencies that are not recognized by the BIA but that are providing legal services under the direct supervision of an immigration attorney must provide a letter, from that supervising attorney, stating that the attorney supervises the work of the registrant(s).

NYIC members that are not BIA-recognized and that are not supervised by an immigration attorney cannot attend CLE trainings unless the agency head provides a written and signed attestation that s/he understands what constitutes the “practice of law” and that the agency does not and will not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. The NYIC can provide a form attestation letter for the agency head to sign. Please contact Training@nyic.org to obtain the attestation form.

Please click on the PDF below to download our attendance policy.



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