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The NYIC’s Immigrant Concerns Training Institute provides high-quality trainings for attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives of NYIC member agencies to help them build and maintain their competency and effectiveness in providing immigration legal services, as well as to non-profit organizations seeking BIA Accreditation. Likewise, we help NYIC member agencies’ and non-profit organizations’ legal support staff (e.g., legal assistants and paralegals) build their skill and competency in order to obtain DOJ accreditation. Finally, we provide trainings for professional-development purposes to staff of NYIC member agencies and other nonprofit 501(c) agencies that are either DOJ-recognized or managed by an immigration attorney—to help them increase their understanding of issues that impact immigrants. We offer both CLE and non-CLE trainings.  
Trainings are limited to 40 people.
There is a $30 late registration fee for CLE trainings.
Verification letter:  If you work for any of the following (an NYIC member agency, a nonprofit agency, a government agency, or a private attorney) and you wish to register to attend a CLE training on behalf of your employer, you must submit a letter on agency letterhead verifying that you are an employee of the agency and that you are authorized to attend the training(s).  This letter must be signed by the agency’s office manager, director, or managing attorney.
Member/nonprofit rate:  NYIC member agencies and other 501(c)(3) organizations submitting registration forms on behalf of staff to attend CLE trainings must submit a copy of their IRS 501(c)(3) letter to receive the member or nonprofit rates.
No unauthorized practitioners:  The NYIC will not knowingly accept registration to attend CLE trainings from any person who provides legal representation without authorization pursuant to 8 CFR Part 292, such as “immigration consultants” and “notarios.”
If you have any questions about training registration please email training@nyic.org
The NYIC sends via email all training materials to registrants. We do not provide printed materials at the training.  After you receive the training materials, please print them out and bring them with you to the training.
Unless otherwise noted, trainings are held at the NYIC:
131 West 33rd Street Suite 610
New York, NY 10001
Please arrive 20 minutes before the training begins.




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