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Parks Vending & Permitting

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Parks Vending & Permitting

Immigrant vendors offer some of the city’s best local ethnic foods. Cultural activities and sporting events bring life to our open spaces. The success of our neighborhoods can be attributed to their diversity; likewise, the success of our parks relies on their ability to reflect and meet the needs of their diverse users. Park permitting and licensing policies that favor older residents coupled with an unclear vending and permitting process have made it difficult for immigrants to sell their goods and organize cultural and sporting events in their local parks.

Our parks advocacy is working to:

  • Advocate for greater clarity and transparency of parks permitting and vending policies.
  • Ensure translation and interpretation services for special event applications and concessions documents and forms.
  • Create multi-lingual educational tools and resources to help park users navigate the parks system.
  • Expand opportunities for culturally relevant programming and vending opportunities in parks.
Learn More

To learn more about our efforts to improve access to parks vending and permitting opportunities in parks, contact Silvett García, the housing and community development coordinator, at 212-627-2227 x230 or sgarcia@thenyic.org.


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