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Immigration Fast Five 4.13.17

Detained Immigrants May Face Harsher Conditions Under Trump NY Times 04.13.17

The Trump administration is attempting to lessen requirements of local jails that house both undocumented immigrant detainees and criminal inmates, which, throughout the past three administrations, have categorized ICE detainees as non-criminal and therefore provided them with different services.


How much it costs ICE to deport an undocumented immigrant CNN 04.13.17


Every deportation that ICE conducted in 2016 cost an average of over $10,000 of taxpayer money, half of which came from detention, and half of which was made up of apprehension, investigation, legal proccesing, and transportation.


DHS hires incense immigration supporters The Hill 04.12.17


Two former members of far-right organizations that have been classified as anti-immigration hate groups have been hired by the Department of Homeland Security as high-level advisors to the director of ICE and the Commissioner of Customs and Border Patrol.


ACLU Files 13 Lawsuits For Records Related to Trump’s Travel Ban NPR 04.12.17


In order to understand and prove the mistreatment and detention of travellers at U.S. aiports in recent months, the ACLU is asking 13 differnet local Customs and Border Patrol offices for any and all records pertaining to their enforcement of Trump’s executive orders concerning travel and refugees.


Hawaii asks 9th Circuit Court for an 11-judge panel to review Trump’s travel ban LA Times 04.12.17


Regaring its lawsuit against Trump’s “travel ban 2.0” executive order, Hawaii is requesting that its May 15 hearing with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals be held in front of an 11-judge “en banc” panel, as it is being allowed for the 4th Circuit Court hearing on May 8, also regarding the travel ban.


Photo from New York Times





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