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Immigration Fast Five: 3.27.17

U.S. targets more than 270 Indians for deportation, says India’s top diplomat Washington Post 03.24.17

Unresolved deportation cases from previous administrations are reviewed as over 270 undocumented Indian immigrants are at risk of deportation. They will not be provided travel documentation to return to their native country until the U.S. presents the Indian government with their case information, says India’s minister of external affairs. 

Trump’s immigration crackdown is having a potentially ‘alarming’ effect on public safety Business Insider 03.27.17

Public safety is at risk of being compromised as fear of deportation and anxieties about being spotted by ICE officers begins to deter undocumented immigrants from reporting crimes such as domestic abuse and showing up to court-ordered community service.

Tales of deportation in Trump's America: Week Two BBC News 03.23.17 

ICE officers are reviewing unresolved deportation orders under the Obama Administration, and as part of Trumps’ VOICE program, the Trump administration has begun publishing weekly reports speaking out about uncooperative local agencies as well as publicly naming undocumented immigrants and listing the crimes some of them have committed.

How Fear of Deportation Puts Stress on FamiliesThe Atlantic 03.22.17

Panic among undocumented immigrant communities has risen as ICE raids intensify. Living under fear of deportation has caused great stress in immigrant families, who have created back-up plans in case parents are deported. Children and teenagers’ anxieties regarding their legal status has translated into poorer nutrition, lack of concentration and increased violence at school.

ICE Arrests 26 Parolees Doing Community Service NBC DFW 03.26.17

During what seems to be the first raid targeting immigrants reporting for court-ordered community service, 26 undocumented parolees were arrested by ICE officers in Forth Worth.


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