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Immigration Fast Five 3.23.17

Immigrant advocates spread the word: Be prepared, be self-reliant, know your rights LA Times 3.23.17

Immigration lawyers and rights groups are stressing the importance of undocumented immigrants knowing their rights and what to do in the case of ICE raids or detention.

Mayor De Blasio: NYC Schools to Block ICE Agents from Entering Without a Warrant NBC 3.22.17


Mayor De Blasio has announced that NYC public schools are not to allow ICE agents to enter the school without a warrant and are required to notify the NYPD if ICE agents are on the school grounds.

Latin American Demographics Trim Migrants with No Brick Laid Bloomberg 3.23.17

Despite Trump’s claims, the rate of immigration from Latin America has already been steadily declining over the past decade.


Fearing deportation, undocumented immigrants wary of reporting crimes The Guardian 3.23.17


Because of Trump’s orders to “crack-down on immigration”, statistics show Hispanics, those living as undocumented or those related to undocumented immigrants, have become less willing to report crimes or testify in court.


These undocumented immigrants thought they could stay. Trump says deport them. USA Today 3.22.17


Under Trump’s administration, stories of detention or deportation of non-violent, undocumented immigrants, who had previously been protected, emerge more frequently than ever before.


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