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Immigration Fast Five 3.22.17

Inside the New Emergency App for Undocumented Immigrants Rolling Stone 3.21.17

Notifica sends SMS messages to family, friends, and important contacts in the event of an emergency.

Immigration: As LA rebuffs Trump's order, others embrace it Fox News 3.22.17

Some states are attempting to use monetary incentives to force sanctuary cities to comply with federal law.

Latinos are reporting fewer sexual assaults amid a climate of fear in immigrant communities, LAPD says Los Angeles Times 3.21.17

Rates of sexual assault and other crimes have dropped steeply this year, suggesting that immigrants are underreporting due to a fear of interacting with police. 

If Trump restricts skilled immigrants, the U.S. could lose jobs to other countries The Washington Post 3.22.17

If Trump overhauls the H1-B Visa program, he could limit highly-skilled immigration to the United States, impacting many sectors.

Chicago's ID plan faces concerns from both sides of immigration issue Chicago Tribune 3.22.17

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's municipal ID program has created controversy; some see it as a deportation risk for undocumented immigrants, while others consider it a national security issue.

Photo: Rolling Stone


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