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Immigration Fast Five 3.3.17

Trump's fast-track deportations face legal hurdle: Do unauthorized immigrants have a right to a hearing before a judge? LA Times 03.03.17 

Trump’s proposed plan of “expedited removal” of undocumented citizens without a full hearing before a judge challenges the Supreme Court’s current interpretation of the 5th amendment.

New DHS report finds most US-based extremists radicalized years after entry The Hill 03.03.17 

A leaked document from the Department of Homeland Security undermines Trump’s claims for the necessity of the travel ban.

Questions and Answers: The Trump Administration’s Immigration Enforcement Memos Human Rights Watch 03.02.17

Human Rights Watch explains the human rights violations of the U.S. immigration and deportation system and what is at stake with Trump’s new policies.

Research indicates that Trump travel ban was based on misleading data The Guardian  

Leading terrorism researchers and databases say the Trump administration used unverified and false statistics in the creation and justification of the travel ban.

Judge shoots down Miami-Dade deportation policy adopted to follow Trump immigration order Miami Herald 03.03.17

While the Miami-Dade mayor ordered local law enforcement to comply with Trump’s immigration orders and detain undocumented immigrants, a judge has ruled this demand for detention as an unconstitutional overreach of the federal government over states.

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