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Immigration Fast Five 3.1.17

ABC 7: Plight of Asian-American day laborers living in poverty in Flushing, Queens 02.28.17

More than a quarter of New York City’s Asian-Americans live in poverty, the highest percentage of poverty among any ethnic group. 

Think Progress: The White House just admitted that Trump’s Muslim ban has nothing to do with national security 03.01.17

Trump delays signing the new travel ban following his first speech to Congress, raising concern over whether or not the order is really related to national security. 

The New York Times: Trump Seesaws on Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants 03.01.17

Mass confusion arises as President Trump seemingly changes his stance on immigration, hinting towards offering legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants and citizenship for "Dreamers."

Politico: Why Trump’s immigration policies will increase undocumented immigration 03.01.17

The US economy’s dependence on undocumented immigrant labor will create a significant increase in undocumented immigration should mass deportation occur. Experts claim that because Trump’s US-Mexico wall would trap undocumented immigrants in the US, the country would not experience a decrease in numbers of undocumented workers. 

Reuters: Canada and United States join forces on tackling border asylum-seekers 03.01.17

Canadian and US officials are collectively working on a plan to deal with the increasing number of asylum-seekers fleeing Trump’s strict immigration policies for Canada. 


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