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Immigration Fast Five 2.21.17

Homeland Security Outlines New Rules Tightening Enforcement Of Immigration Law NPR 2/21/17

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly released memos that will direct how deportation proceedings are carried out under the Trump administration.

Trump administration seeks to prevent ‘panic’ over new immigration enforcement policies Washington Post 2/21/17 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-administration-seeks-to-pr...


Immigration officials spoke anonymously, stating that new procedures will not result in "mass deportations" - but they will increase the number of people deported.


The Myth of the U.S. Immigration Crisis Bloomberg 2/21/17 

Undocumented immigration to the United States has remained low for years - so why is there a moral panic over it now?

A nation of immigrants enters dark chapter CNN 2/21/17

New laws vastly expand the pool of deportable immigrants to include anyone charged with a crime, who has committed a crime, or who enforcement agents believe has committed a "chargeable offense." 

Trump signals expansion of deportations, says no unauthorized immigrant group exempt ABC News 2/21/17 http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/immigration-memos-announce-15000-hires/st...

While DACA has not ben rescinded, the DHS memos state that there will no longer be "categories" of immigrants not subject to removal.


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