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Immigration Fast Five 2.16.17

 Today's curated news stories on immigration


Report: ICE detains domestic violence victim in court The Hill 2/15/17

A woman allegedly a victim of domestic violence was arrested last week in court.

'A Day Without Immigrants' Promises A National Strike Thursday NPR 2/16/17

The "Day Without Immigrants" boycott/strike is urging immigrants to close their businesses and stay home from work to show the importance of immigrant communities.

23 suspected undocumented immigrants arrested in Hamburg The Buffalo News 2/13/17

The mass arrest will result in cases being handled by immigration authorities, not federal courts.

New York Attorney General Warns That Fake ICE 'Agents' Are Scamming Immigrants for Money Time 2/15/17

Scammers have targeted at least one immigrant by dressing as ICE agents and demanding money in exchange for avoiding deportation.

What the Next ICE Raids May Look Like Long Island Wins 2/14/17

Although a "deportation force" will take months, if not years, to materialize, workplace and other raids may increase.


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