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Immigration News Update 2/14/17

Immigration officials announce 41 arrests in NYC as Sen. Schumer criticizes lack of transparency, waste of resources New York Daily news 2/13/17

Senator Schumer criticized ICE as fear swept over the country during routine arrests.

Former ICE chief says Trump immigration policies will hit more people, harder Dallas News 2/12/17
Sarah Saldaña, Obama's former chief of ICE, said that raids targeting even those suspected of a crime may target more and more immigrants. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/immigration/2017/02/12/former-ice-chief-says-trump-immigration-policies-will-hit-people-harder

Being an immigrant in the United States today means... CNN 2/14/17

Immigrants react to the changing immigration climate under President Trump.

Can Immigration Hurt the Economy? An Old Prejudice Returns New York Times 2/14/17

A wave of studies suggesting that immigration hurts the United States has become influential, challenging our identity as a nation of immigrants.

This Beloved Scientist Says Trump Is Wrong About Immigration NBC News 2/14/17

Dr. Michio Kaku argues that immigration into the United State benefits us far more than claims of negative impacts state.


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