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Immigration News Update 2/10/17

Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss New York Times 2/9/17

The 9th Circuit Appeals court has upheld the temporary stay on Trump's executive order.

Federal Judges Refuse to Reinstate Trump's Immigration Ban The Atlantic 2/9/17
The court cited their right to review executive orders under the Consitution.

'See you in court,' Trump tweets after 9th Circuit panel unanimously refuses to reinstate his travel ban Los Angeles Times 2/9/17
Trump may take the executive order case to the Supreme Court; a split decision would leave the 9th Circuit's decision in place.

Sanctuary Movements in the Hudson Valley Voices of New York 2/9/17 

Kingston, NY, and other communities in the Hudson Valley are attempting to create "sanctuary" policies.

Immigration arrests in L.A. spark fear, outrage, but officials say they are routine Los Angeles Times 2/10/17
About 100 people were arrested during immigration raids in Southern California.

These Could Be the Most Vulnerable Immigrants in Trump’s America Mother Jones 2/9/17 
Immigrant day laborers may face arrests and deportation at a higher rate than others.

TEEN-AGERS AGAINST TRUMP The New Yorker 2/9/17 http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/teen-agers-against-trump
The #StudentStrike walkout on Tuesday was a powerful rejection of fearful immigration and other policies.

The daughter of the Arizona mom who was deported to Mexico gave this heartbreaking speech Fusion 2/9/17 
Guadalupe García de Rayos has been deported - but her daughter is ready to fight back.


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