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Immigration News Update 1/20/17

Donald Trump Inauguration: Protests Break Out in Downtown Washington New York Times 1/20/17 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/20/us/politics/donald-trump-inauguration...

Comprehensive coverage of the inauguration and its aftermath.

America first, immigrants second:Trump's inaugural speech doesn't bode well for immigration Vice News 1/20/17

Trump's "America First" foreign policy will prioritize the needs of native-born citizens over all others.

How far will Trump be allowed to go on Muslim immigrants? The Supreme Court may be giving us a preview Los Angeles Times 1/19/17

The case of Ziglar vs. Abbasi may give us an introduction to "extreme vetting" and Trump's policies on Muslims.

Despite promising to crack down on the undocumented, Trump clearly hasn’t thought through his immigration plans Los Angeles Times 1/20/16

Many of Trump's immigration plans are riddled with logical inaccuracies and dilemmas.

Protests erupt around the world as Trump sworn in – in pictures The Guardian 1/20/17

See photos from inauguration protests around the world.


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