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Immigration News Update 1/19/17

New York gives legal guidance to sanctuary cities for immigrants Reuters 1/19/17

New York's Attorney General has posted guidelines for towns and cities that want to curb immigration cooperation with federal authorities in the coming months and years.

As soon as he is inaugurated, Trump will move to clamp down on immigration Los Angeles Times 1/19/17 
Trump may move to repeal key programs and laws created by the Obama administration.

On Immigration, Mayors Urge Trump to Take Bipartisan Approach KQED 1/18/17 
The U.S. Conference of Mayors approved an emergency resolution urging Trump to protect DACA, pass comprehensive immigration reform.

For attorney general nominee Xavier Becerra, immigration is a personal issue Los Angeles Times 1/18/17 
Xavier Becerra, California's potential first Latino Attorney General, draws from his past in an immigrant family. 

Your Guide to Inauguration Day 2017 New York Times 1/19/17 
All the information you need for Inauguration 2017.

Obama in Thank-You Letter to America: ‘You Made Me a Better Man’ NBC News 1/19/17 
Obama's presidential farewell touched on the highs - and the lows - of his presidency.
President Obama's Last Clemency Push The Atlantic 1/17/17
Obama released 208 commutations and 64 pardons in a push that included Chelsea Manning.



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