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Join our 'This is Our New York' Campaign to Defend Immigrants!


The New York Immigration Coalition is launching a new campaign called “This Is Our New York.” This initiative is a comprehensive effort to protect New York’s immigrant communities in the wake of the new presidential administration.
Check out our campaign and our upcoming mobilization in the New York Times.

Our message is simple: Our New York stands with Immigrant New York. Our New York is compassionate, inclusive and welcoming in the face of hatred and fear. Our New York is neighbors working together towards a better future for all of us.

Our immigrant New York faces an uncertain future: drastically reduced legal immigration, the threat of a new Muslim registry, ICE agents rounding up and deporting hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, nearly 40,000 New York DREAMers being stripped of their lawfully-present status and more.

Our campaign will fight back against these threats to immigrant communities through comprehensive, wrap-around outreach, community education, legal services, advocacy, organizing, capacity building, and public engagement.


Learn more about how we plan to do this by clicking HERE.

Now more than ever, we need your support to keep our work going. Will you donate to help sustain our campaign?



On January 14th, we will launch our campaign through the following means:

  • NYIC will participate in the #HereToStay national day of action by sending hundreds of members to the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, D.C. Click HERE to read more about our mobilization.

    The day of action will build momentum to prevent deportations, preserve the DACA program and create sanctuaries. NYIC will join several partners to build community power, celebrate immigrant heritage, and stand together for immigrants, muslims, and refugees.

  • In New York, street teams led by the NYIC and our members will engage everyday New Yorkers. They will hand out information about the campaign and involve passers-by in our #OurNY social media campaign.

Get Involved by Joining the #OurNY Social Media Campaign!

Join us on Social Media and tweet @theNYIC using the hashtag #OurNY starting Saturday, January 14th!


Tell us what your New York is following these three steps:


STEP 1: Click HERE to download and print the “#OurNY” visual. (If you can’t download or print this visual, that’s fine too - write your own message and take a picture)


STEP 2: Tell us what your New York is by taking a picture of yourself holding your sign or making a short 10 second video.

Example 1: My New York welcomes immigrants!

Example 2: My New York is inclusive and compassionate!

Example 3: My New York is my immigrant family and their contributions to our community!


STEP 3: Tweet your photo/video and tag @theNYIC and use hashtag #OurNY




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