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Immigration News Update 1/10/17

Sessions defends his record on civil rights at U.S. Senate hearing Reuters 1/10/17 

Sessions hit back this morning against accusations that he is sympathetic to the KKK and that his record on civil rights cases has been manipulated.

Democrats scheme to stall confirmation of Trump nominees as hearings begin The Washington Times 1/9/17 
Democrats feel that the Republicans are rushing nominee confirmations, and may attempt to stall the process.

Countdown to Trump: Immigrants Fear Trump’s Negative Stance CBS St. Louis 1/9/17 
DACA recipients fear that Donald Trump may destroy all they have worked to build.

The District will create a $500,000 fund to support an estimated 25,000 undocumented immigrants who may face deportation after the inauguration.

Cuomo announces early voting, automatic and same-day voter registration Pix 11 1/8/17 
Governor Cuomo's "Democracy Project" will use technology and other strategies to increase voting.

In Address, Cuomo Posits New York’s Policies as an Answer to Trump The New York Times 1/9/17 
Cuomo's proposed policies are ambitious and progressive - but will they be possible?
The fight over Jeff Sessions’s attorney general nomination, explained Vox 1/10/17
Jeff Sessions' record is tough on crime and harsh on immigrants. He faced opposition (and protestors) in today's hearing.
Jeremy Corbyn: I've not changed mind on immigration 1/10/17 BBC 
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not going to promote additional restrictions on immigration.


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