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Immigration News Update 12/21/16

New York Electors Donate Salaries to Pro-Immigrant Group in ‘Defiance’ of Trump The Observer 12/20/16

New York's 29 electors agreed to donate their compensation to the NYIC in support of immigrants!

The other kind of immigration The Economist 12/21/16

Immigration between nations in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia is just as common and important as immigration between those regions, Europe, and the United States.

Immigration: The Year In Review And What's In Store For 2017 Forbes 12/20/16

Forbes' comprehensive year-end wrap up summarizes the important, and dark, year that was 2016 for immigrants.

Wisconsin needs immigrants to fuel growth Wisconsin State Journal 12/21/16

Trump has suggested making legal immigration more difficult; the state of Wisconsin counters this proposition.

What is often called 'illegal immigration' isn’t really illegal PRI 12/20/16

U.S. immigration policy has walked a thin line between enforcement and tolerance of unauthorized immigrants. PRI investigates why.

After years on the outside, foes of legal immigration find a louder voice with Trump’s election Washington Post 12/19/16

Those who want to reduce all forms of immigration, including established legal pathways, have been emboldened by Trump's victory.


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