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Immigration News Update 12/16/16

Swiss lawmakers set no caps on immigration DW 12/16/16

Swiss lawmakers will not cap immigration, but will give citizens the first chance at new jobs.

Supper Clubs for the Trump Era WNYC 12/15/16 http://www.wnyc.org/story/supper-clubs-trump-era/

Council Member Carlos Menchaca and State Assembly Member elect Yuh-Line Niou will march with the NYIC this Sunday to stand with immigrants.

Inmigrantes le enviarán clara señal a Trump El Diario 12/15/16

Carlos Menchaca and other elected officials and advocates will march with the NYIC to show Donald Trump that immigrants have powerful allies.

Supreme Court Foreshadows Big Constitutional Ruling In Immigration Case Huffington Post 12/15/16

The Supreme Court has asked ACLU and government laywers for briefs on whether the Constitution requires a hearing before a judge for immigrants detained in the U.S.

Council votes to fund immigration legal fees Austin Monitor 12/16/16

Austin will soon fund immigrants' legal fees, in a method designed to respond to harsher laws that may come from the new President.

Detention centers, bracing for flood of new arrivals, are ‘set up to fail’ immigrants with mental illness Stat News 12/16/16

Detention centers say they are equipped to treat detainees' mental health issues, but the reality is complicated.

Trump once welcomed a visit from immigrant 'Dreamers.' Now, they anxiously await his next move Los Angeles Times 12/15/16

Trump's confusing statements on DREAMers have created an anxiety-provoking situation.

Guardian and Observer readers raise over £500,000 for child refugees The Guardian 12/16/16

The 2016 appeal raised the money in less than a week; it will go to three charities.

The Manufacture Of Hatred: Scapegoating Refugees In Central Europe Huffington Post 12/15/16

Hungarians are fearful of migrants and voted to exclude refugees; yet they benefit from the EU, whose policies specify open migration.

For crews saving desperate refugees 'a good heart is not enough' USA Today 12/15/16

Meet the crew saving refugees on the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean.

With Around 16 Million Abroad, India Is The Top Country Of Origin Of International Migrants, Says PEW Study Outlook India 12/16/16

India has become the world's largest supplier of international migrants.



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