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Immigration News Update 12/15/16

Podcast: Between Fear and Hope – Young Immigrants in Post-Election America Feet in 2 Worlds 12/15/16

This podcast, featuring the NYIC's Francis Madi, addresses young immigrants' responses to the election.

How Broken Windows Policing Breaks NYC's Immigrant Sanctuaries The Village Voice 12/13/16

The NYPD's use of broken windows policing will, by its very nature, endanger immigrant communities by pursuing small crimes.

Syrian refugees in Vancouver worry despite ceasefire in Aleppo CBC 12/14/16

Syrian refugees abroad face an uncertain future as fighting in Aleppo winds down.

Syrian refugees to be housed across Wales by end of 2016 BBC 12/15/16

Wales will have accepted 300 refugees by the end of 2016.

Trump’s Dreamer Opportunity Wall Street Journal 12/14/16

Trump could build consensus across party lines by incorporating the DREAMers into his immigration policy, instead of eliminating DACA.

Lynch: Blanket pardon for Dreamers impossible Politico 12/15/16

Pardons are only granted individually, thus no legal framework exists for the mass pardoning of all DACA recipients.

Once Accepted, Soon Rejected? New York’s Young Immigrants Uncertain Under Trump New York Times 12/15/16

Undocumented young people, threatened by Trump's assertion that he will repeal DACA, share their stories.


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