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Immigration News Update 12/13/16

Republicans Set to Battle on Legal Immigration Wall Street Journal 12/12/16

Some Republicans want more immigrants for the work force: others believe they are taking Americans' jobs.

New York Would Never Dream of Building a Wall New York Magazine 12/13/16

New York Magazine's moving profile on immigrants - from lawful permanent residents to the undocumented - from NYC.

San Francisco Braces For Crackdown Over Immigration Policies NPR 12/13/16

San Francisco, a sanctuary city, moves to protect immigrants. 

Young DREAMer immigrants warned not to be abroad when Trump's sworn in CBS News 12/12/16

DREAMers are being warned not to travel, in order to avoid being barred from re-entry if Trump immediately rescinds DACA.

Senators in both parties are trying to protect young immigrants from Donald Trump Vox 12/9/16http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/12/9/13899188/bridge-act-daca-trump-dreamers

The BRIDGE Act would grant three more years of protection to DACA recipients and replace Obama's executive action with legislation.

National Immigrant Conference Held In Music City News Channel 5 12/11/16

The NYIC has convened with many other groups for NIIC 2016 in Nashvilled, TN!

The slaughter of Aleppo is being recorded in real time on Twitter, by its own victims Quartz 12/13/16

Fighting in Aleppo is being broadcast on social media by citizens trapped in the city.

Immigrant rights convention shifts focus after Trump win San Francisco Chronicle 12/12/16 http://www.sfchronicle.com/news/article/Immigrants-advocates-convene-ahe...

NIIC has shifted its focus dramatically in order to respond to the election of Donald Trump and new threats to immigrants.

Photo: New York Magazine


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