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Stop the Fear Mongering about #SanctuaryCities!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Following the recent tragic shooting of a woman in San Francisco by an undocumented immigrant, some members of Congress are exploiting this incident to whip up fear, scapegoat immigrants and to distort the real truth - that "sanctuary" policies actually help public safety and cut down on crime by encouraging trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

But we need your help to stop this fear-mongering in its tracks.

This week the House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill that would bar the Justice Department from giving grants to cities with "sanctuary" policies. The sweeping language in H.R. 3009, introduced by Rep. Duncan Hunter, would penalize any cities who try to give local police discretion to limit inquiries into immigration status in any manner, and would strip funding from localities that undertake the balancing of public safety considerations

In other words, local municipalities will be penalized if they establish policies that build trust with immigrant communities by not asking people about their immigration status and automatically referring them to ICE for deportation.

Forcing local police to play a role in immigration enforcement undermines civil rights, community trust and harms everyone’s safety.

This bill could be up for a vote today. We need your help to stop this divisive bill that only serves to scapegoat immigrants and erodes trust between immigrants and law enforcement.

Please take a moment to let your member of Congress know that you support #SanctuaryCities!

  • Call your member of Congress to support state and local policies that promote civil rights, community trust and public safety.
  • Tweet at Congress:
    • .@HouseJudiciary Congress shouldn't use one tragic case to target & criminalize #immigrants. #SanctuaryCities actually enhance public safety
    • NY supports #SanctuaryCities. Policies like EO 41 upholds civil rights, builds community trust and enhances public safety.
    • [.@INSERT ELECTED BELOW] please show your support 4 #SanctuaryCities. NYC is safer because of EO 41.

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