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Final Push to Get New York State DREAM in the Budget!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Final Push to Get New York State DREAM in the Budget!

Left to Right: Gaudalupe, Francis, Cesar, Daniel, and Monica are on hunger strike for the New York State DREAM Act. 

In the final hours of New York State's budget negotiations, we need you. In less than 24 hours the New York State budget is expected to be completed. Governor Cuomo has said that it is unlikely that the New York State DREAM Act (DREAM) will remain in the budget and we do not accept this

Upon reports that DREAM was at risk, several CUNY DREAMers decided to go on hunger strike. Their message: "We will do what it takes to get the New York State DREAM Act in the budget. We’re willing to give up eating because this means everything. We can’t do anything without an education." 

Click HERE and HERE to watch videos from Day 1 and 2 of the "Strike 4 DREAM" initiated by CUNY DREAMers. For updates on #Strike4DREAM go to this website.

These brave individuals are on Day 3 of their Hunger Strike and they say they will keep it up until the budget is voted upon. In these final hours of budget negotiations, they need your help to keep DREAM in the budget. 

Here's what you can do: 

1) Take 2 minutes today to call Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Heastie, and Senate Leader Skelos to tell them that this year's budget must include the New York State DREAM Act. 

1. Text DREAM to 877877 to be connected to Governor Cuomo’s Office
2. Call (888) 833-7428 to be connected to Governor Cuomo’s Office
3. Call (518) 455-4800 to be connected to Speaker Carl Heastie’s Office
4. Call (518)-455-3171 to be connected to Senate Leader Dean Skelos’ Office

2) Use social media to tell our elected leaders that we need #NYSDREAM in the budget! Here are some sample tweets:

.@NYGovCuomo Keep your promise and defend #NYSDREAM. No passage of the #NYSbudget without DREAM! 

.@CarlHeastie #DREAMers are counting on you! Don't let them down! No passage of the #NYSbudget without DREAM! 

.@SenatorSkelos Stop denying our DREAMs! No passage of the #NYSbudget without DREAM! 

For more suggested tweets, click HERE.

We must ensure that New York State DREAM is in the budget. Help us make this 2015 the year that DREAM becomes a reality in New York! 

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