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On the Senate’s Failure to Bring the Dream Act to the Floor


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Press Contact: Gabriela Villareal,  Main Phone: 212-627-2227 x246, 
New York  (Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

On the Senate’s Failure to Bring the Dream Act to the Floor

Statement by Ms. Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition:

“Today, by a vote of 56-43, the Senate chose to stop the DREAM Act from moving to the floor of the Senate for a vote, dashing the hopes of some 800,000 young people and ill-serving the interests of our nation.

“Those who voted NO today chose largely to hide behind spurious objections to the ‘process’ and made it plain that immigrants would continue to be exploited as a wedge issue in an ugly and angry electoral season.

“We are disappointed at the continuing paralysis at the federal level, deeply saddened, and—plain and simple-- fed up with politicians who squandered a precious opportunity to make real movement toward substantive solutions.

“But there is deep-seated support for the DREAM Act—from President Obama to Gen. Colin Powell, from the young people whose futures depend on the DREAM Act to thousands upon thousands of people from all sectors and walks of life.

“We may have lost this particular vote at this moment in time, but in just the past week, those striving for immigration reform, including DREAM Act and other productive, common-sense measures, flooded Senate offices with 140,000 calls and faxes, representing an unstoppable grassroots movement. The DREAM Act deserves a fair hearing on the floor of the Senate and a vote on the substance this year. The passion that drove this intensive effort will continue to build and to galvanize us, and it will prevail.”

The New York Immigration Coalition is an umbrella organization for 200 groups serving New York State’s four million immigrants and is the state coordinator for the national Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign.


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