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Join the NIIC campaign: 'What's Your New American Dream?'

New Americans are building a stronger and more vibrant America. We know this because Americans of immigrant backgrounds are represented in all aspects of American life – and have been since the very first moments in U.S. history. New Americans are voters, they are community leaders and parents of school children, they are business owners and scientists, artists and athletes, they are helping change policies and they are defining what it means to be an American.
But there is still so much to do to better integrate New Americans into the fabric of life in the U.S. in ways that uplift communities and strengthen our economy- from language access to healthcare coverage, from expanding educational opportunities to financial empowerment and more. The NATIONAL IMMIGRANT INTEGRATION CONFERENCE (NIIC), to take place in Brooklyn, NY from December 13-15, will address these issues head on. New Americans have dreams of better futures – for themselves, their families and the country we all share – and we are working together to make them a reality.
And so we've started asking a simple question: What's Your New American Dream? 
Click HERE to watch some of our community leaders share theirs.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION to share yours. What are your dreams for yourself as an immigrant? For your friends who are immigrants? For your communities? How can we work together to include New Americans better in our neighborhoods and all across the country?
Share a simple photo or video with your NEW AMERICAN DREAM.
Join us at the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) 2015 this December 13-15 in Brooklyn. It is the place where leaders and activists who care about immigrant integration will be dreaming together to turn our New American dreams into realities. Register now!


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