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Happy Holidays from the NYIC!

Here's What Immigrants Need This Holiday Season


Immigration News Update 12/21/16

New York Electors Donate Salaries to Pro-Immigrant Group in ‘Defiance’ of Trump The Observer 12/20/16

New York's 29 electors agreed to donate their compensation to the NYIC in support of immigrants!

Immigration News Update 12/20/16

Trump's Immigration Plan Could Undermine Promise To Boost Economy NPR 12/20/16

Trump wants the economy to grow at 4%. His plan for mass deportations could make that impossible.

Immigration News Update 12/19/16

Check out press coverage of yesterday's March for Immigrant NY!

Immigration News Update 12/16/16

Swiss lawmakers set no caps on immigration DW 12/16/16

Swiss lawmakers will not cap immigration, but will give citizens the first chance at new jobs.

Supper Clubs for the Trump Era WNYC 12/15/16 http://www.wnyc.org/story/supper-clubs-trump-era/

Immigration News Update 12/15/16

Podcast: Between Fear and Hope – Young Immigrants in Post-Election America Feet in 2 Worlds 12/15/16

This podcast, featuring the NYIC's Francis Madi, addresses young immigrants' responses to the election.

The NYIC's 2016 Annual Report Has Arrived!


Become an NYIC member in 2017!



Immigration News Update 12/14/16

Fond memories of pre-war Aleppo remain with newly settled refugees in Hobart ABC Australia 12/13/16

Syrian refugees have arrived in Australia, fleeing the destruction of the country's civil war.

NYIC Member Highlight: Arab American Association of New York


NYIC Member Highlight:

Immigration News Update 12/13/16

Republicans Set to Battle on Legal Immigration Wall Street Journal 12/12/16

Some Republicans want more immigrants for the work force: others believe they are taking Americans' jobs.

No Tengas Miedo: Immigrants Call in Questions to Phone Bank This Week

Abe, a hotline volunteer, answering calls in Spanish

Immigration News Update 12/7/16

Donald Trump Faces Pressure on How to Handle Young Immigrants Wall Street Journal 12/6/16

DACA is a political live wire, with the potential to alienate huge sectors of the population on both sides of the decision. 

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