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We Are Alejandro & Carmen and We Are Ready

This is the fourth story in our #IAmReady

Immigrant Roots: Megan "Ni" Casey

It takes years to train your mind to adjust to a new place. This February marked 7 years since I first came to the United States from Iraq. I arrived in Kentucky with a small bag of clothes, my sister’s belongings, and $200 dollars in my pocket.

Immigrant Roots: Edgar Romero

We’re trying different styles with our Immigrants Roots series! Sometimes the stories will be first person accounts and other times they will be interviews. Below is an interview with Edgar Romero who reached out to NYIC about being featured on the Immigrant Roots series. Edgar used to live in New York City, but due to our broken immigration system and lack of opportunity, he chose to leave. He now lives in Colombia.

Immigrant Roots: Ahram Kim

 My name is Ahram Kim and I am 23 years old. I was born in Korea in 1992, and moved to New York at the age of 9 with my parents and older brother. We moved for the same reason many immigrants leave their country: to find better educational and financial opportunities.

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