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The Pressure on Immigrant Youth in Suffolk After Quadruple Homicide

The recent murder of four young men, presumably by the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, has focused law enforcement resources on immigrant communities in Suffolk County. The bodies of the four victims were found in April, but the repercussions of the killings still reverberate.

When Jeff Sessions Came to Long Island


When Jeff Sessions came to Long Island last week he wasn't here to help. The killings of four young Latinos, presumably by the notroious Mara Salvatrucha gang, was a local tragedy that Trump's Attorney General was exploiting for political gain. 

Trump Speech An Attack on Family-Based Immigration

On February 28, Donald Trump gave his first speech to Congress. While some in the media have praised its “moderate tone,” Trump actually sketched out a broad assault on immigrants.

The Cost of a Ban on Muslim Immigration Moral & Money

Ali Imdad's impression of what a Muslim ID would look like.

As some Americans are discussing a ban on Muslims entering the United States, it is important to look at how this would be implemented and how much it would cost.

Four Myths About the Supreme Court Decision on Executive Action for Immigrants

After the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday in United States v. Texas, there were some confusing messages put out in the media about the result. You probably heard everything from claims that executive action is "dead" to warnings that roundups of undocumented immigrants are about to begin. Let’s clear up some of the myths about the decision.

Supreme Court Ruling Blocks DACA+ and DAPA Programs

The Supreme Court issued a ruling today that keeps in place an injunction blocking President Obama’s executive action for undocumented immigrants. More than three million immigrants who would have been eligible to apply for the expanded DACA+ and DAPA programs will have their hopes placed on hold by the Court.

World Refugee Day Must Be Observed With More Than Words

Today is World Refugee Day and the State of the World’s Refugees has rarely been as precarious in our lifetimes. 

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