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TPS Ended for "Fake" Reasons According to Newly Released Docs

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Long Island Elected Officials Divided on Tying Immigration to Anti-Gang Efforts

Gov. Cuomo signing legislation provinding aid to Long Island communites for gang prevention.


Suffolk Sheriff Will Continue Honoring Cooperation With ICE

Suffolk Sheriff Errol Toulon at left. (Photo:Pat Young)

Trump Ends DACA Without Compassion or Regret

When the Attorney General appeared at the podium today at a little after 11:00 AM he said, “Good morning. I am here today to announce that the program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama Administration is being rescinded.” That was how he let young immigrants around the country know that they were being abandoned.

Trump Proposes Cutting Legal Immigration in Half

President Trump called for an end to the family-based immigration system in a speech today. Currently, more than two-thirds of immigration to the United States is based on the immigrant having a close family relationship to an American Citizen or Permanent Resident. Trump said he would change that and cut overall immigration by 50%.

Trump's Call for Suffolk Police to "Rough"-Up Latinos Was Not Funny Given Suffolk PD History

Faculty at Suffok Community College joined the protest against Trump's policies.

Donald Trump’s speech on Friday in Brentwood was wrong on just so many levels. But it was at its worst in the president’s direction to Suffolk cops to rough-up Latino suspects. This is what the president said:

Trump Plan to End Family-Based Immigration

The Trump Administration is working on a massive overhaul of the immigration laws that would effectively end Family-Based immigration to the United States. The legislation would also cut legal immigration in half and make it much harder for Permanent Residents to become U.S. Citizens. This proposal combines all the hatred of the Alt-Right and White Nationalist Fringe into one piece of racist legislation.

How the Muslim Ban Will Work Beginning July 29

The State Department has issued guidance on the limited Muslim Ban based on President Trump’s second executive order (E.O.) on entry of persons from six Muslim-majority countries. It goes into effect tonight. We only received this guidance a few hours ago, but I want to explain what it says as succinctly as possible.

NYIC Long island Roundtable Highlights Stress Put on Immigrants by Trump Administration

On Wednesday morning more than three dozen Long Island immigrant rights groups met in the library of the Episcopal Seminary in Garden City to discuss what the priorities of the movement are in the region. The roundtable was convened by Francis Madi of the New York Immigration Coalition and over the next three hours the participants came up with an agenda for action.

Supreme Court Muslim Ban Order Will Lead to Discrimination

The Supreme Court’s order today lifting parts of the injunction against the Muslim Travel Ban is already creating confusion about who is covered, what the immediate impact will be, and about what the future of Muslim immigration to the United States is.

The Pressure on Immigrant Youth in Suffolk After Quadruple Homicide

The recent murder of four young men, presumably by the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, has focused law enforcement resources on immigrant communities in Suffolk County. The bodies of the four victims were found in April, but the repercussions of the killings still reverberate.

When Jeff Sessions Came to Long Island


When Jeff Sessions came to Long Island last week he wasn't here to help. The killings of four young Latinos, presumably by the notroious Mara Salvatrucha gang, was a local tragedy that Trump's Attorney General was exploiting for political gain. 

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