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This Week: Know Your Rights with the Police and ICE at NYIC

NY communities, like communities across the country, continue to face threat of detention and deportation. UnderImmigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) expanding “Secure Communities” (or SComm), local police provide the fingerprints of people they have arrested (whether U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, person here on a temporary visa, or undocumented person) to the FBI, which in turn shares the information with ICE. ICE then arrests foreign nationals and places them in removal (i.e., deportation) proceedings. Fear is growing within immigrant communities that any interaction with the police, such as victims or witnesses reporting crimes, will lead to their arrest, deportation, and possible permanent separation from their family here in the United States.

In response to the ever pressing need for our communities to be well-informed, The New York Immigration Coalition is coordinating Know Your Rights workshops presented by staff of the Immigrant Defense Project and the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Here, immigrants can learn their rights when they encounter the police and ICE. These workshops are funded by the Fund for New Citizens at the New York Community Trust. If you are a member of the immigrant community, please feel free to participate in one of the upcoming workshops to learn how to protect yourself and to get involved to spread knowledge in your community and help advocate against this terrible program.

So JOIN US at either of these workshops this week:

Wednesday, Dec. 14th at NYIC - Know Your Rights with the Police and ICE at NYIC

Saturday, Dec. 17th at La Union,  Brooklyn - Know Your Rights with the Police and ICE at La Union



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