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Immigrants at Neighbors Link gathered together to listen to President Obama talks about his executive order on immigration.

    On Thursday night (November 20th), more than 50 community members from across Westchester County gathered together at Neighbor's Link to hear President Obama's announcement of Administrative Relief. 

Initial reactions to the announcement expressed hope, gratitude, confusion, fear, and disappointment as those in the crowd asked questions of attorneys and advocates present in the room. Who would be eligible? What were the risks? Why were some left out? Would congress try to block it? When can I apply?

Celebration was mixed with caveats of caution to avoid becoming victims of fraudulent legal services and reassurance that we would support our community through this process and continue to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform that would include all of our undocumented family, friends and neighbors.

Watch the reactions of the people at Neighbor's Link while listening to Obama's Annocument HERE 

Written by Charlotte Gossett Navarro -Regional Outreach Senior Associate in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. 

Video courtesy of Wendy Talve Reingold 




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