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Affordable Care

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Affordable Care

Individuals who do not have health insurance can still access affordable care at hospitals and community health centers.  Sliding-scale fees based on an individual’s income are available at all hospitals and community health centers in New York.
The New York Immigration Coalition and its members and partners worked hard to pass New York’s 2007 hospital financial assistance law, which sets guidelines for hospitals’ charity care policies. With its partners, the NYIC also worked closely with the state to make sure the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 was implemented to be immigrant-friendly and accessible.  Now that the ACA is fully implemented, we will continue to work to ensure that all uninsured New Yorkers have access to affordable health care.
With the implementation of the ACA, many immigrants are able to benefit from financial assistance with health premiums, consumer protections, and expanded Medicaid eligibility in New York.  The New York State of Health (NYSOH), the state’s official health plan marketplace reflects a “no wrong door” approach to coverage, and serves as a single stop for enrolling in both Medicaid and Qualified Health Plan participation. Individual seeking coverage in New York State can meet with a navigator who will help them sign up for coverage.  Additionally, the NYSOH portal allows immigrants who are ineligible for coverage because of their immigration status to pre-certify for emergency Medicaid.  Despite these important accomplishments, additional work remains to make sure immigrants are both fully able to benefit from ACA programs and can afford health care when they need it.

Please contact the NYIC to get involved in advocacy efforts to ensure that all New Yorkers benefit from health care reform in New York.  You can also let us know if you or someone you know has had difficulty applying for a sliding-scale discount at a hospital or community-health center in New York, or believes they should be able to enroll in coverage through New York State of Health, but were unable.


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