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May Day Rally

Monday, May 1, 2017

This May Day we will Rise Up as New Yorkers to fight for Immigrant Rights and Worker Rights!
Join us at 5 pm in Foley Square to fight back against anti-worker, anti-union hatred, bigotry, and intolerance!

The New York May Day coalition is a part of a national movement honoring May 1st as a call to action to Rise Up! for worker and immigrant rights. In New York City, and cities across the state and country, people of conscience will take the streets on May Day and send a clear signal to Trump and his Administration:

We will stand together and we will resist together!
We will resist any attempts by this Administration to divide us!

For over 100 years May Day has served as a day of unity and action—for worker rights and for immigrant rights—and this year’s act of resistance will be another in a long line of shared struggle. Immigrant rights are worker rights, and worker rights are immigrant rights. Our struggles are inextricably linked.

Trump and his cronies are threatening to strip unions of their ability to organize and fight for their workers. The administration is also pushing radically anti-immigrant legislation and creating a climate of fear for all immigrants.

We will fight back against any attempts to strip workers of their right to organize for better working conditions, and any attempts to intimidate and attack immigrant communities!


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