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Immigration News Update 2/9/17

City agencies, organizations come together in Bay Ridge for pro-immigration ‘Day of Action’ Brooklyn Reporter 2/8/17 

The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, the Arab American Association of New York, and other city agencies and non-profits came together to discuss resources, solidarity, and "One New York."

The legal battle over Trump’s immigration ban, explained Vox 2/7/17
Legal precedent favors the President, but the courts may not back down.

Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants New York Times 2/8//17
More than half of the most successful startups are founded by immigrants - and limiting immigration might end Silicon Valley's pull to global creators.
Judge Gorsuch has expressed his dismay with pointed remarks on Trump's attacks on judges.
Sessions confirmed as U.S. attorney general after battle with Democrats Reuters 2/9/17 http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-sessions-idUSKBN15O027
A divided Senate has confirmed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as the next Attorney General.

Before the Wall: Life Along the U.S.-Mexico Border New York TImes 2/8/17 

The opinions of those living on the border - on both sides of the immigration fences. 

Worries over Trump’s Action Among Nepalese Voices of America 2/7/17 
Nepalese immigrants are concerned about how the new immigration laws may impact travel from Nepal.
She Showed Up Yearly to Meet Immigration Agents. Now They’re Deporting Her. New York Times 2/8/17 
Guadalupe García de Rayos who committed a minor offense, will be deported under the Trump administration.

Police Arrest Protesters Outside Phoenix Immigration Office ABC News 2/9/17
Protestors attempted to detain the van carrying Guadalupe García de Rayos.
In one Texas city where refugees are welcomed, immigration ban sows fear and confusion Yahoo News 2/8/17
In Amarillo, Texas, a bastion for refugee resettlement, Trump's policies may change the landscape.
Amid Travel Ban Debate, Chefs And Food Brands Take A Stand On Immigration NPR 2/8/17
The restaurant industry is taking a stand to support immigrants - an industry dependent on their labor. 


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