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Immigration News Update 12/6/16

New York Asks U.S. to Pay Trump Security Costs; Puts First Bill at $35 Million New York Times 12/5/16

The unique challenges of safeguarding President-elect Trump and his family are costing the city thousands every day.

Immigration Reform 2016: Chicago Vows $1M For Undocumented Immigrants At Risk Of Deportation International Business Times 12/5/16

Chicago has pledged to create a 1 million dollar legal defense fund for immigrants to defend the undocumented.

Private Prisons are Really Bad, But Good Enough for Immigrants, Concludes Homeland Security Report The Intercept 12/5/16

Although private prisons do not meet the same safety (and other) standards as publicly run prisons, Homeland Security will continue to use them for immigrant detention.

4 Ways Cities and States Can Become Sanctuaries Now The Nation 12/5/16 

Practical, concrete ways that American cities and states can use to protect immigrants.

If Britain Wants Integration, It Should Stop Blaming Immigrants For All Its Problems Newsweek 12/5/16

To solve the integration problem, Britain must first address the toxic way it addresses immigrants from all over the world.

FAIR’s big play: Onetime fringe group hopes to drive Donald Trump’s immigration policy Salon 12/6/16

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is calling for an end to birthright citizenship, mass deportations and no amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

Photo: The Intercept


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