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Immigration Fast Five 3.2.17

How Trump’s ‘Merit-Based’ Immigration System Might Work New York Times 3/1/17


Trump’s most recent speech proposed prioritizing immigrants able to work in high-skill jobs, despite the country’s need for immigrants in low-skill jobs.

Democrats dismiss Trump’s immigration reform talk Politico 3/2/17


Congressional Democrats are not convinced by Trump’s seemingly changed stance on immigration, citing contradicting evidence of ICE raids and deportation.

Trump Wants You to Think All the Immigrants He’ll Deport Are Criminals. They’re Not The Intercept 03/01/17


Critics are looking at Obama administration data to explain how promises to focus on deporting criminals have resulted in the deportation of almost as many non-criminals.

Dreamer' detained in Mississippi after speaking out about fears of migrants in country illegally LA Times 03/01/17


After her father and brother were detained after an ICE raid, a 22 year-old Argentine immigrant spoke out at a press conference, resulting in her own detention by ICE officials.

De Blasio: Trump ‘scapegoating’ on immigration could backfire Politico 03/01/17


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces his strong opposition to Trump’s newest immigration reform proposal, calling it another attempt to demonize immigrants.


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