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For Educators

For Educators

Friday, February 17, 2017

Resources for Schools

Below is a collection of information and resources for parents, educators, and students following the recent presidential election.

Supporting Immigrant Students

General Tips

Top 10 Ways to Support Undocumented Students (Educators for Fair Consideration)

Educators’ Guide to Talking to Immigrant & Refugee Children (AFT, 2016)

Mental Health

1.       Mental Health Resources for Educators (NYSED, 2016) 

2.       Helping Children and Youth Cope with Stressful Events (NYC Health, 2017)

3.       Trauma: Brief Facts and Tips for Children and Adults

4.       Post-election mental health resources for marginalized youth and families (Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Jan 2017)

5.       Thrive NYC: Online trainings for NYC Educators (NYC Health & NYC DOE, 2017)

Prevent Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation

1.       Addressing Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation, and Discrimination in our Schools (NYSED, Nov 2016)

2.       Fact sheet on Bullying and Harassment in NYC schools (AFC, Jan 2017)

3.       Responding to Everyday Bigotry (SPLC, 2015)


1.       Analyzing Trump’s Immigration Plan: A Lesson Plan (New York Times, Jan 2017)

2.       Activity: Healing Circles (The Innovation Center)

3.       Activity book to help Latino children understand deportation-Please read all before using (L. Utter, April 2014)

Higher Education

1.       Sanctuary Campus FAQs (Immigration Response Initiative, Jan 2017)

2.       Post-Election Resources for CUNY Faculty

Supporting Immigrant Families


Know Your Rights

1.       NYIC Know Your Rights Toolkit EN (Feb 2017)

2.       Know Your Rights: A Guide to the Legal Rights of Immigrant Families in NYC Public Schools (Sept 2015)

3.       English Language Learner Parents’ Bill of Rights (NYSED)


Make a Plan

1.        Low-Cost Legal Assistance (NYIC, Jan 2017)

2.        NYS Designation of Person in Parental Relationship (NYS Office of Children and Family Services, Feb 2010)

3.        Authorization form for another person to take care of financial and business affairs (NYS Bar Association, Sept 2010) 

Referrals to
 Social Services

  1. Supporting Immigrant Families and Students (NYIC, Feb 2017)

Policy Resources


1.        Summary of Executive Orders on Immigration (Legal Aid Society, Jan 2017)

2.        ICE Memo: Policy on avoiding enforcement actions at sensitive locations such as schools


1.       Dignity for All Students Act: Requirements for all Schools (NYSED, Aug 2016)

2.       Dignity for All Students Act: Guidelines for Principals on Addressing Bullying & Bias-Based Harassment  (NYCLU)

Right to Education for All Students

1.          Dear colleague letter: School enrollment practices (USDOJ & USDOE, May 2014)

2.       Enrollment FAQs for schools (USDOJ & USDOE, May 2014)

3.        NY Resolution: All Students Have a Right to Attend School (NYSED, Dec 2014)

NYC DOE Response

1.        NYC Chancellor Letter on Immigration

2.       Post-Election Teaching Resources from the DOE’s Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning

SED Guidance
  1. *Available Guidance and Resources to Combat Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination in Schools in Light of Recent Immigration-related Actions (SED, Feb 2017)
  2. *A.G. Schneiderman and State Education Commissioner Elia Advise Schools on Protecting Immigrant Students (OAG/SED, Feb 2017)

*Please consult a lawyer for assistance with these documents.

To add resources to this list, please contact Adriana Lovera at alovera@ nyic.org




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