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The DACA Advantage: Driving

So many undocumented immigrants say that their lives would improve if they could get a driver's license. They could get a better job, pick their kids up from school, and take trips. In places like Long Island and Upstate New York, a license seems like a necessity. It is tough to go to see a doctor or even visit a house of worship without it. Long distances and poor public transportation leave many undocumented immigrants stranded in the suburbs or in farm country.. 

While the NYIC is working to pass legislation allowing the undocumented to get driver's licenses, immigrants receiving Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals can apply for their licenses as soon as they get their work permits.Currently, immigrants granted DACA can get a driver’s license in every state except Arizona and Nebraska, according to the National Immigration Law Center. Of course, you still have to learn how to drive and pass the driving test to get yoment of your full license, but you can apply for your learner's permit as soon as your work permit arrives. 

Once you get you license to drive, you can use it to buy a car and register it, as well as to get insurance. 

A world of mobility opens up.

Pat Young is an attorney at CARECEN.



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